hi my name is garrett and i
design beautiful things

user focused interface/interaction/experience design

i start with "why"

design brings order

Design is the silent orchestrator that brings order to our surroundings. The world is filled with complexity and chaos, design is the guiding force, elevating clarity from confusion and transforming disparate elements into harmonious compositions. It’s the meticulous arrangement of colors, shapes, and spaces that not only pleases the eye but also imparts a sense of purpose and functionality. It goes beyond aesthetics, acting as a visual language that communicates meaning, intention, and organization. In essence, design is the unspoken language of order, that enriches our experiences and brings a sense of balance to the world around us.

It’s the visual language that speaks volumes about a brand's identity and values. It serves as the silent ambassador, conveying messages and emotions that words alone might struggle to express. From the choice of colors to the logo and overall aesthetic, design encapsulates the essence of a brand, creating a memorable and distinctive image. Consistent and thoughtful design elements reinforce brand messaging, fostering recognition and trust among the audience. Whether it's through a website, product packaging, or marketing materials, well-crafted design harmonizes with the brand narrative, leaving a lasting impression and enhancing the overall impact of the communicated message. In essence, design is the artistic storyteller that helps a brand communicate its ethos, forging a connection with its audience.

then ask "how"

lets talk process

Design is a dynamic and deliberate process that unfolds in thoughtful steps. It begins with a deep dive into understanding the purpose and objectives, where defining the problem marks the crucial starting point. Research follows, delving into user needs, market trends, and potential solutions. Armed with insights, ideation takes center stage, where creativity flows freely, giving rise to a spectrum of concepts. The chosen concept is then refined through iteration and feedback, shaping it into a tangible form. Execution involves bringing the design to life, whether through digital interfaces, physical prototypes, or immersive experiences. Finally, evaluation ensures that the design meets its intended goals, with room for adaptation and improvement. In this cyclical process, each step is a vital footprint, guiding the evolution of an idea into a functional and aesthetically pleasing reality.

if that all makes sense

maybe its time we begin