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My Design Ethos

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Garrett Cumber

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A Few Intentions to Strive For

Creative activities tend to have a lot of personal feelings tied to them and those feelings get tested when “feedback” feels more like criticism. So, I think it’s important to put forth some intentions when entering into design. As we build and create we begin to form a deep connection with the thing on the screen. I think that’s good but perhaps we shouldn’t try to protect our creative outputs too much. After all a bit of scrutiny can be so healthy for the evolution of what we’ve spent so much time building.

So here’s how I like to approach my designs.

With Honesty

Which means that I’m going to be honest with myself and open to receive honesty as well. Some other well aligned words I could apply here are: Transparent, Open, and Candid.

So what does this look like if I’m going to work with others?
I say what I mean and mean what I say, clearly and without equivocation.

Again, coming at it through the lens of honesty. After all I want and need that honesty if my creative output is going to survive - that could be music, or literature or anything that gets put out into the world where feedback will come my way.

With Consistency

This means my counterparts or coworkers can expect that day in and day out they know what they’re going to get from me and my work. Some other well aligned words are: Predictable, Dependable, and Rational.

So for me as a visual designer that should look like this to others.
I build usable and relatable experiences with logical and systemic patterns across ecosystems.

With Inclusivity

Is my third intention when creating, and it simply stands for the goal that whatever I create and put into the world will be available for anyone to use. Ideally this also means that it will meet people where they are and not require them to learn new systems or mental models that push too far outside their normal. Some other well aligned words are: Thoughtful, Accessible, and Empathetic.

I think this looks like:
I consider the whole of the problem not just a part. I strive to build things that are consumable by everyone, recognizing that the human experience is filled with a diverse array of ability.

I believe that setting intentions is a powerful way to keep the walls down, feel like you are more “open for business” and willing to be additive to the wider conversation around solving problems as a designer.

I’m curious how you approach your work and I’d love to hear about how you set intentions when creating things to put into the world.

— Garrett





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